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Client Services

Why S3?

We provide  labor support in the form of contingent staffing services enhancing productivity. We eliminate workers compensation, safety, training, and unemployment concerns for our clients. We also eliminate Human Resource expenses and concerns. 

Our employees are available to you on an "as-needed" basis. When your job slows down or ramps up, you control the number of workers for your jobsite. You pay only for the time the employees worked. All our employees have their own personal protective equiptment and have been instructed in safety policies and procedures. We have a Certified OSHA 500 Trainer in our office, and offer more advanced training to all employees.

We provide a variety of different services to many different industries. Our goal is to make your project run smoothly, be cost efficient, and provide the best customer service experience possible.

Staffing Support

Constant fluctuation in labor demand can be extremely expensive. Contractors incur substantial "out of pocket" labor and administrative costs, which produce little or no corresponding income and negatively impact profitability. Partnering with S3 allows construction and industrial companies to focus their effort on productivity and profitability.

Project Management Services

S3 offers our clients a dedicated project management approach and assigns a professional staff member to serve as a single point of contact responsible for program implementation, compliance, and ongoing client satisfaction. Our dedicated Project Manager will serve as a liaison between your project management and our workforce.

Industries we serve

  • Solar Panel Farms and Installation

  • Commercial Construction

  • Heavy Industrial

  • Light Industrial

  • Manufacturing

  • Professional/Administrative

Professional Consultation

In addition to field staffing, we also provide our clients with a variety of professional services to optimize production efficiency, reduce labor cost, and enhance productivity.

Core Areas of Expertise:

  • Information Technology Professionals

  • Skilled Trades (Gray and Blue Collar Support)

  • Scientific/Technical

We Provide:

  • Payroll

  • Efficiency Modeling

  • Production Tracking and Reporting

  • Professional/Administrative services

  • Short-term/Seasonal and Project Based support

  • Temp-to-Hire

  • Permanent Placement

  • Skills Assessments, Simulation, and Training

  • Workforce Mentoring and Coaching

  • OSHA 500 Training (Industry Specific)

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