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Please check out this FAQ page before calling our office with your question.

How do I see my paystubs?

Click here.

When do I get paid?

Pay Day is Friday. We start paying people on Thursday as a convenience to you. This also helps us catch any issues with missing time cards or illegible handwriting. 

How do I see my paystubs?
My paycheck is wrong!

First thing to do is check your pay stub and look at all of the following:

  • your hours

  • pay rate

  • deductions (garnishments, child support, health insurance, safety equiptment, etc


Once you know what the problem is, shoot our office cell a text message (919-605-4586) with the following info:

  • Your full (legal) name

  • What job site you worked on

  • What days you worked

  • Your pay rate

  • What the problem is

When we discover a problem, we can usually have it fixed in 24 hours. If the problem will take longer, we will let you know. Thank you in advance for your patience. 

Do I get per diem?

The only people who get per diem are the traveling crews. If you are on a traveling crew, we will let you know. You do not get per diem unless we specifically tell you so.

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